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What's Samue(Samugi)?

SALE 2021

Bamboo leaves Hanten with boa

A warm Hanten with a nice bamboo leaves pattern
Bamboo leaves Hanten with boa


Enshu Far Infrared Quilt Samue(3colors)

Warm samue with far infrared rays and quilt
Enshu Far Infrared Quilt Samue(3colors)


T/C Burberry woven Samue stuffed with cotton

Samue to be a strong ally in the harsh cold
T/C Burberry woven Samue stuffed with cotton


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Aizome - Revival of the traditional craftsmanship

Silk - High-quality and rare shining silk

Hemp - Once you tried, you can't let it go

Modern - Smart and new look Samue

Patterned - With bold and elegant patterns

Dyed & Woven
Dyed & Woven - Tasteful tapestry of texture and cloth

Ensemble -Ensemble makes you stand out at formal situations

Shirt - Japanese traditional shirts

Outer - Makes your style more distinctive

Underwear - Comfortable underwear for Samue

Women's Samue
Women's Samue - Different Japanese style from kimono

Shoes and Accessories
Shoes and Accessories - For your perfect coordinate

Samue Bits of knowledge

Here are some stories about samue, its history, materials and traditional techniques. Please enjoy reading.

Origin We introduce you to the origin of Samue. Read the history of Samue from here!

Aizome What is the dyestuff of Hon Aizome? Is it true that Japanese indigo has more than 4000years of history? How did ancient people use Japanese indigo in their daily life?
Read more

Materials We Use There are very rare techniques of making samue. Read here to find answers of your question about the materials we use.

Columns Samue columns. We present you various samue stories. Story of Sashiko

Voices From Our Costumers

54 years old, Welfare worker
I enjoy samue all the time. I made my original samue by embroidering sashiko patterns on navy and plain samue.

70 years old, Retired
I like two samue I ordered at samue-e.com very much. One feels very soft when wearing, another has very soft color. I want to enjoy these samue for a long time.

57 years old, Nursery teacher
I like sashiko samue the best now.

57 years old, Self-employed
I wear samue because of my job. It is easy to move, yet does not look cheap. It's very good.

36 yeas old, Office worker
I thought samue is work uniform, but I came to know that it can be worn when you go out. It's cool.

68 years old, Retired
I bought a brown samue 15 or 16 years ago, and I still wear it. I would like to order again.

49 years old, Government Officials
It is wonderful because it is machine-washable and wrinkle-proof.

38 years old, Office worker
I like samue of Samue-e.com in design and functions both ways.

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